We are committed to promoting the profitability of our clients and, at the same time, to the belief that the best way of promoting greater cultural understanding is through constructive business practices between the Chinese companies and our clients.

We believe communication is central to achieving our mission of promoting and developing long term relationships with our clients, and between our clients and Chinese companies. We urge our clients to personally visit their counterparts in China and to deepen relationships on both a business and personal level. We are selective in both the clients we represent and the factories/Chinese companies we use in China. On both sides, and in all of our transactions, we seek to deal only with those companies who are willing to make the commitment to a long term relationship that is founded upon the principle of a mutually beneficial relationship. It must be a win-win relationship for all parties involved.

As you view our range of services, this underlying philosophy will always be present.

Dr. Samuel Y. Kupper is the leader of China Resources Group. His office is located in a suburb of Houston, TX and he coordinates all of the activities including the selection of individual and company associations in China. Please read Dr. Kupper’s biography for a better understanding of his unique background. His recently published book, Dr. China Speaks has been praised by both business and academic leaders as the indispensable guide to understanding how to succeed in China.