Dr. Samuel Kupper


His Chinese friends and associates refer to him as an “old China hand” and use this term with endearment and respect for his knowledge of their history, culture, traditions, and his first hand experience in having travelled to and visited China for over forty years. Whether visiting factories, meeting with government and party officials, or conversing with leaders regarding his client’s interests and needs, the formal introductory sessions last only a few moments before everyone is relaxed and aware they are talking with a man totally comfortable in China and with the way business is conducted in China, after all, he is an “old China hand (zhongguo tong)”.

Dr. Kupper made his initial trip to Asia in 1963. Since that time, whether in the world of academia, business, lecturing on cultural issues, or consulting, he has contributed his expertise to creating bridges of understanding between China and the Western world.

Receiving his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in Chinese History, with minor fields in Chinese philosophy, modern Russian and modern Japanese history, Dr. Kupper has taught at the University of Illinois, California State University, Long Beach and California State University, Fullerton. Upon his retirement from CSUF, he was awarded Emeritus status in recognition of his thirty year career as being one of the outstanding Professors on campus.

Among the academic honors he received have been a Fullbright Fellowship, and fellowships from the East West Center at the University of Hawaii, National Defense Foreign Language Fellowships, Social Science Research Council Fellow, American Council of Learned Society Fellowships, including one for the study of comparative law, and a Center for Chinese Studies Fellowship from the University of Michigan.

Subsequent to receiving his Ph.D. and embarking upon his University career, Dr. Kupper attended Loyola Law School in Los Angeles where he received his Juris Doctorate degree. Shortly after graduating, he passed the bar exam and remains a member in good standing with the California Bar Association. Dr. Kupper is associated with the law firm of Frederick W. Hong in China in an attorney of counsel position. For more information please visit www.fwhonglaw.com

Commencing in the winter of 1985, Dr. Kupper made his initial visit to the Peoples Republic of China and since that initial trip, has probably made close to one hundred trips in the intervening years on behalf of his clients. Combining his career in academia with one in business consulting, Dr. Kupper has used his knowledge, expertise and experience in promoting the interests of his clients. While the majority of them have been based in the United States, he has also represented clients in Mexico, Columbia, and Sri Lanka. Although he has represented several major corporations, his preference has been to work with small to medium sized companies who have demonstrated the flexibility to respond to his suggestions to achieve their desired goals.

Lecturing to business groups both Chinese and American, and leading seminars to inform executives on China’s history and culture prior to their leaving for an overseas assignment have also been an integral part of his work. In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, Dr. Kupper was invited to lecture to delegations from China who were visiting the United States to learn about the U.S. market and the best way of developing business relationships with U.S. companies. Many of his former students in these classes are now prominent business leaders in China.

To the best of our knowledge, Dr. Kupper is the only person in the United States who has a Ph.D. in Chinese History, an Attorney at Law, and with over twenty years of consulting experience in China.

Sam Kupper