"Do not come to China or send your executives to China without making this book required reading. Dr. Kupper is probably the only person in the United States who combines the academic knowledge as Professor of Chinese History, the legal expertise as an attorney at law, and having twenty years of experience advising corporations in doing business in China."

Ms. Jeri Dunn, CIO

"Dr. Kupper has accomplished the near impossible. He is sharing with the readers his incredible insights and knowledge, born of twenty years of experience, in a concise, insightful and readable primer. This book is to be read and then re-read until it becomes dog eared from use. Read it, use it and prosper, neglect it and take your chances."

Mr. Trevor McCormack, CEO
Forster Partners, Shanghai
China’s leading executive placement corporation.

"When my bioscience company started looking to do business in China, I cast about for a 'sherpa' to help keep us out of trouble. I thank my lucky stars that I was introduced to Dr. Kupper. His book is the next best thing to the man himself, and is an absolute ‘must-read’ for anyone looking to succeed at business in that fascinating country. "

Mr. James Hime, Chairman of the Board
Grovac, Inc.

"Books about China come out every day, but few come from authors with as much time on the ground as Samuel Kupper. Dr. Kupper's insights are a must read for executives running businesses in China!"

James M. Rice, Vice President & Country Manager
Tyson Foods, Inc.

"China’s growth and manufacturing dominance are two of the biggest global trends of the last 10 years. Finally we have a primer which brings to light a deep understanding of the cultural differences in attitude and implementation in conducting business between the east and west. In what is hopefully the first of many books, Samuel Kupper draws on an illustrious career as a professor of Chinese History, Attorney at Law, and Chinese Trade Consultant to provide a must read guide for every American and Global institution looking to do business in China. Written from a practitioner’s perspective, it demystifies the Chinese culture and addresses the often misunderstood challenges of doing business in this market. It offers a blue print for the entrepreneur to the major multinational corporations who want to do business in China.  I highly recommend this wonderful and insightful guide."

Jeri Lynn Jones, Ph.D., Assistant Dean,
Department Chair of Marketing and Management
Meinders School of Business
Oklahoma City University

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