Doing Business In China

Regardless of the size of your company, once you have made the commitment to doing business in China, there are an entire range of issues that need to be considered.

If you are preparing to send an executive or a team of executives to China to negotiate an agreement, or to live in China to establish either a marketing/sales operation or to oversee your manufacturing, it is essential that they be prepared for the business and cultural issues they will face. Equally important to their success in China is the importance of their support system in the home office. Executives doing business in China or living there must be valued within the home corporate environment. If you are a sole entrepreneur or the head of a small company, and you plan on traveling to China frequently, you must have a support base in your office. It is critical that you develop well thought out plans and strategies.

Using China as a manufacturing source still remains a very viable option for all corporations, regardless of size. Central to your success, and far more important than any consideration of cost savings, is that you have a direct and personal relationship with your supply base.

Selling in China remains the dream of everyone in business. It goes back to the old notions of the fabled China market. The opportunities are available, but it requires an understanding of the nature of the Chinese market, its distribution channels, and the financial commitments to developing your brand name.

Investment opportunities are available in China. In one sense, China is no different from the United States in that there is an entire range of investments available. They range from real estate, to infrastructure projects. The amount of funds needed range from a few million dollars to hundreds of millions of dollars. No matter the size or scope of the investment, certain basic rules still apply – use common sense and know where you are investing your funds.

Legal issues are always a concern for anyone doing business in China. As an Attorney at Law, Dr. Kupper is uniquely qualified both to offer advice and suggest a range of services to protect his client’s legal interests.

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