In “Dr. China Speaks, Dr. Kupper has recounted only a few of numerous examples where foreign firms have unwittingly lost innumerable opportunities in China or been ill prepared for their ventures due to their lack of cultural awareness. In his thirty years of teaching at a leading University in California, there were probably not more than twelve students who enrolled in a course in Chinese history from the business school.

We invest millions of dollars, send executives traveling half way around the world to operate our businesses or make investment decisions, and they tend to operate in an intellectual vacuum. The fact that this condition exists is a sad commentary on the state of our education system, and that includes both in public and private schools as well as our entire University system.

China is not the United States and it is not Europe. Business is not done the same way in all places. Before you act on the “China bug” and decide to venture into the China market in any capacity, it might behoove the individuals involved to spend some time reading about China and investing in some one on one cultural training.

Dr. Kupper is available to offer intensive cultural training to a very limited and select number of individuals or companies. If you are interested in utilizing his services, he should be contact through this firm.