As more fully discussed and explained in “Dr. China Speaks”, China and the western world, particularly the United States, have totally different legal traditions and historical experiences. While it is abundantly clear that China is moving rapidly to adopt and adapt to the international legal standards that govern business relationships, one cannot expect the same level of legal protection and a legal system comparable to that which exists in the United States.

Consequently, a far greater degree of understanding and weighing of the risk and rewards must occur when venturing to do business in China. It would behoove every individual and every company to be aware of these issues and factor them into their analysis. There are any number of large western law firms now established in the major cities of China. However, they are limited in the range of services they can offer. Not only are there many legal questions for which they do not have access to internal documents to provide an answer, but they are precluded from appearing in court as legal counsel on behalf of their clients.

It is incumbent upon foreign firms to be represented by both foreign law firms and local Chinese firms when engaged in substantive business ventures. China is a country where personal relationships remain critical in all areas of doing business, and the legal arena is not exempted from this paradigm.

Where appropriate on behalf of our clients, we will introduce them to legal counsel whom we believe are both competent and reliable to undertake the tasks at hand. Although Dr. Kupper is of counsel to a law firm in China, nothing written or stated herein should be construed as an advertisement or offering of legal services.