Regardless of the particular product for which you are seeking to develop an export market and selling your product into China, you need a carefully thought out strategy. Selling into China is not the same as selling in the United States. You need to do your homework and to understand the inherent limitations of the distribution systems in China.

Depending on the nature of your product, whether it is for the industrial market and selling to other manufacturers, or a consumer product, you need to consider the alternatives of penetrating China through a joint venture or a wholly owned effort on your part including establishing your own warehousing and your own sales force. Consideration must be given to budgetary considerations, and this is particularly the case with consumer products.

Among the other considerations to be considered would be the advisability of launching your product in a more limited geographic region and then expanding nationwide.

There is no one set answer to any of these questions, and a plan can only be devised after careful consideration of your particular product and resources.